Using my phone camera to explain some of the places I’ve been this summmmmer.

Public library architecture can be pretty sweet.I strode by the public library today. It’s like a big colosseum, but instead of Christian-Pagan death-matches going on in its bowels, it’s just the slow weathering and decay of the droves of homeless people that mill around the public architecture.Zine stationThis is my pompous work space. It’s an antique desk.lasagna- basil, mozzarella, sauteed onions/mushrooms/garlic, ricotta. J lohr cab. Superior!This is the dinner I had at my grandparents house, that’s a J Lohr cabernet sauvignon, which rolls off the tongue almost as pleasantly as that lasagna rolled onto it. The dinner was perfectly healthy and vegetarian ( I N D I F F E R E N T) comprised of sauteed mushrooms, garlic, and onions. It also had a bunch of Ricotta thrown in. Damn good.

The Apple Orchard, lubbock texas. Superior cowboy grub!

This is an A-frame construct in the middle-of-nowhere Texas- somewhere outside of Lubbock , the name escapes me. Anyway, inside is this awesome cowboy grub station where I sat down and ate next to a bunch of farmer boys. Behind is an apple orchard. The place gives off this warm and wholesome feeling like you’re in the womb again.


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