Urban transport: The bike, the best.

This isn’t exactly the bike that I got. Mine doesn’t have the turquoise hues or the blue grip tape: it’s a straight electric blue frame with white grip tape and uncolored rims. But I still managed to come by a vintage Pinarello that, at this point in time, is more than my current net-worth. My dad just didn’t want it any more I guess and he views giving it to me as some sort of advance on my inheritance.

Needless to say, I fucking love this bike. I honor it. I wash every speck of dust off every day; I caress its blue shiny frame and supple grip as I would a woman. I would literally dismember, slowly and methodically, anyone who tried to steal it.

My recent acquisition of this bike got me thinking more generally though: bikes really are the ideal city/campus transport. They are next to no cost to maintain, they’re fun, you can access both any sidewalk or pedestrian area and the open highway.

I wish in quiet moments that everyone rode bikes and cars didn’t exist. The smog would disappear, the grass; the trees would all grow greener and taller. People could manage their finances a whole lot better: they wouldn’t need to shell out for over-priced or foreign gasoline. On a side note, it costs my dad $150 per fill up for his truck- which is  ridiculous.

If we could improve public transport to the point where it’s more convenient and cheap for everyone to ride a bike, bus or a train, we could kill all of these draining forces in people’s lives: oil, car payments, interest, depreciation. These stacking, slowly accumulating costs would vanish and a clean, brave new world could emerge.

On this note, read this book: How & Why: A Do-It-Yourself Guide.


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