Medical Campus Photo Essay

It always starts so well. You sit down to eat and the food looks so good all colorful and perfectly proportioned on the plate. Bright yellow peppers and reds and greens. The water condenses on them. And how sweet they taste. The crunch and the feeling on your tongue, the moisture coats your mouth. The meal is great, but it all ends up as crumbs on your lap. You stand up and you realize you’ve been sitting on pieces of your beautiful meal. It’s gone.

What would the horizon look like if these mountains weren’t here? I swear this world exists for this view, the ridge line caressing the sky and the glistening beauty of the scrub oaks on the slopes, the reluctant turning of the leaves yielding to the snows they know will come. 

I stepped on a piece of gum today and then, later, a piece of dog shit. I cursed the sky and the sole of my shoe and the people who left those things on the ground. I couldn’t get the particulates all the way out, the tread of the shoe has a brown/white solid  running in wavy lines.

Where does this city end? Does anybody know anymore?

I always forget the smell of kissing. It has a universal odor. And it’s so much more than the movies and the idealized form it always seems to take. There’s a humidity and an adrenaline rush that goes unaccounted for when you’re watching someone else do it.

My life is for some reason a conglomerate of apprehensions, and feelings of laziness like climbing these stairs. You want to do it once, but every time after that is somewhat diminished in pleasure.I was deserted in a park to contemplate my woes. The dehydration set in from the beating noon sun. Jesus in the desert. Temptations and the devil converged on me. It was all Heironymous Bosch and the garden of earthly pleasures. I was lost but now I am found.


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