exhaust exhaustion

The sky’s been sick for the last couple of days and Salt Lake City is unfortunately located in a deep valley, wherein the air has a difficult time escaping. The impact of this is that the city chokes in its own pollution if no fronts blow in for a while. The local weather folks even created their own system of colors to measure air quality: green being best and red, the worst, because air gets stuck in Salt Lake a lot.

We’ve been living in yellowish-red air quality for about a week now, which is appropriate because the valley turned into this orange-opaque soup. It’s odd too because no one seemed to do anything about it. I mean there were radio broadcasts and little snippets in the newspaper that urged people to drive less and use public transit, but everyone seemed to continue what they were doing, sure that other people would stop driving. The valley smog soup just kept getting soupier.

The other morning, I rode my bike from Raisa’s house near the University to downtown so I could check on the development of the new mall that the Mormon Church is building. That was always odd, I think, that a Church would so wholly involve itself in material things and spend billions of dollars, not on the homeless or to help Church members, but to reconstruct the block next to their temple. Pretty churches attract more people I guess. Anyway, I could taste the car exhaust and burned brakes as I rode down first south. It was bitter and acidic. I wonder how much shorter my life will be now that I’ve inhaled those fumes?

Thank the snow gods though, because, finally, a nice cold front blew in and shifted our problem somewhere else. We can rejoice now and forget about the fact that someday the world will just be a soup and our problem won’t go away.


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