Hard drives

I hope that if I suddenly die someone will preserve this hard drive. I know if anyone close to me passed away that I would want to see their photos , musings, and secret journal entries.

I’d want someone to see my darkest thoughts too. That way, they could gain a closer approximation to who I actually was and what I actually thought.

It would be the best way to remember someone, I think. An electronic epitaph.

Today, people practically live on their computers, they’re like some sort of rectangular appendage that everybody suddenly found is attached to their arm. We manifest ourselves  in these machines. I think we’re androids, cyberbeings, to some degree already. In many ways we’re even more like Darth Vader than Darth Vader. Sure we don’t have robotic bodies, but we spend all of our time focused on these screens and wrapped-up silicon components: they occupy our thoughts and put distance between people in way the dark side of the force could never even dream of.


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