A new art.

“Maybe I can create a new kind of art,” I thought on the train on my way back from a meeting with the coalition of heathens. Maybe I can explore the bridge between reading and writing. Take the auditory experience of story-telling to new levels. Unprecedented levels. Where the character of my voice aesthetically narrates the tale, instead of just a voice in your own head narrating the tale. It’s my voice that dictates the feel of your surroundings, not your own mental inflections and accents.

I’ll tell epics of the train rides I’ve been on and lead you through long walks through the city where I overhear the conversation of the destitute and drug addicts. I’ll describe the smell of making out and that feeling of waking up next to someone special, the mental hyperdrive of being over-caffeinated like I am right now. It will all be there, in plain prose and plain speech. Easily accessible and understandable. Such is my desire and the direction I see this zine taking.